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Radiant Solar was
founded with one mission

To empower homeowners to become energy independent by providing education about the benefits of solar power and designing high quality renewable energy systems.

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All over the country, homeowners are tired of overpaying for their energy. At Radiant Solar, we’ve got two goals; First, we make it as easy as possible to switch from traditional energy from the utility company to your own renewable energy systems, and second, to provide a world-class customer experience in doing so.

We’re proud to serve the VA, MD, NC & SC and we’re already in the process of expanding to other parts of the country in our mission to fight legacy energy and climate change. The only way we can succeed in doing that is by giving you top-tier service. That means taking care of all the tedious paperwork and red tape, staying in constant communication, and getting you the best possible financing plans. If you win, we win. And if we win, the planet wins. Simple as that.

Find Out How You Could Save $90-$130 per month on Your Electric Bill

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(804) 656-5881

Headquartered in Richmond, VA

Currently serving VA, MD, NC & SC

Get a quote: (804) 656-5881