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What Kind of Solar System Do I Need?​

There are three main types of solar systems available today. What type of solar system would be the best option for you?

How Your Solar System Works?

How does a handful of panels harness the energy of the sun to power your home? Find out here!

What is Solar Net Metering?

Learn all about the program that puts money in your pocket for any extra energy your solar system generates.

Solar Panel Installation Process

What should you expect once you decide to go solar? We step out the process for you so you don’t have any surprises down the road.

Solar Tax Credits Explained

We break down the solar investment tax credit program to show you how it works and how much money it can help you save on your solar system.

Activating Your Enphase Solar System

Here we show you how to get your solar system online ASAP once the installation process is complete.

Want to learn more?

How much is your electricity bill? Whatever it is, solar will cost the same – possibly even less. Some solar homeowners enjoy a discount on their energy bill as high as 60% from Day 1! There are plenty of zero-out-of-pocket solar financing options – like solar loans and solar leases – that allow homeowners with good credit to switch to solar and start saving immediately. We’ll help you find the best one for your financial situation. 

Making the switch to solar doesn’t just save you money on your electricity bills. Because solar rates are pre-determined, you’re also protected from future rate hikes. The amount you stand to save depends on the utility rates and solar policies of your area, but regardless of where that is you can expect to save significantly more money than if you stuck with your legacy energy company.

In most cases, no. With the recent advances in solar panel tech, modern solar systems require little to zero maintenance for their first 25-35 years of use. Most solar panels don’t even need regular cleaning! And in case something does happen, our manufacturer warranty means you’re covered for any maintenance costs over the first 25 years.

Yes, although it depends on where you live. The most well-known is the US federal government’s investment tax credit (ITC) extended to all solar homeowners, which lets you get back 30% of the cost of your solar system from the federal government. This is based on tax liability, so you may want to speak with your tax professional about this to understand how it would work for you. In addition, in some states such as Virigina, there are SREC’s (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) where you can earn money on an ongoing basis just for having solar power!

No need to worry. Not only are there plenty of studies showing that homes with solar sell for 4.1% higher values than those without solar, but these homes also sell faster as well. In addition, all of the financing options for solar we currently offer are 100% transferable to a new buyer, they just need to credit qualify with the bank. Your warranties with us will transfer to the new homeowner as well.

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