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Grid-Tie Solar

Your solar system is designed to reduce or eliminate all of your power bills. By connecting the solar system to your home and the utility grid, you will also use net-metering to “sell” energy back to your utility company for credit when you produce more energy than you need in a given month.

Backup Power

Just like the Grid-Tie system, your system is designed to eliminate or reduce your power bill, except with Battery Backup, you will also ensure that a portion of your home still has power in the event of a grid-down power outage. Think of it as your renewable generator! You can also add a traditional generator for backup purposes if you would like.



Installing solar panels on an improper roof can lead to a number of problems. Leaks, weather damage, or wear-and-tear can all cause expensive damage to both the panels and your home. Our roofing team ensures your roof is in top shape so you can enjoy your solar system stress-free.

Find Out How You Could Save $90-$130 per month on Your Electric Bill

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